ZPhotostream: A simple photostream for the indie web

ZPhotostream: A simple photostream for the indie web

I have been away from New York much more this past year than I’m accustomed to and have been trying to encourage myself to take more photos, since it is not a habit I’ve cultivated at home. I thought it would help if I kept a photo log up here on my personal site and so I made ZPhotostream, a simple but featureful-enough photo log app that I could style to my liking and host myself.

ZPhotostream powers http://photostream.zaillian.com. It has a practical bulk image uploader built atop jQuery File Upload and a simple but functional drag and drop sorting interface in its admin area. In my live configuration I have enabled  carrierwave-ftp and push all of my images to a separate dedicated server with lots of disk space (I already had this server for use as a static media server on a bunch of other projects). From a code perspective, it is about as minimal, stripped down and idiomatic a Rails app as you will find, and the frontend styles can be very easily tweaked to your liking.

Feel free to fork the project on Github if you need something like this or have improvements to make!





Hi! I'm Nicholas and I like building stuff. I spent a decade working with startups in NYC as a developer before turning my attention to seed-stage investing beginning in 2018. I write here on topics including startups, investing, travel, software development, and just about any other matter of personal relevance. I can be reached by email at [email protected].

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